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The only protection you will ever need against COVID-19, other viruses, and bacteria of all sorts.

Constructed with highly effective copper polymers, the Intercept CU22™ Filter is the first fully tested product designed to ACTIVELY protect users with Intercept Anti-Microbial Technology. The unique structuring of the Intercept CU22™ Filter allows you to breathe easier, and is reusable for more than 30 days. It can then be UV sterilized to safely and effectively use again. Ultimately, it revolutionizes the daily management of eliminating any microbes you might encounter.

The Intercept CU22™ Filter is sustainable and environmentally friendly, as it is manufactured with naturally occurring minerals. American and German Technology working together to keep you safe.

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Reusable Face Mask Filters With Anti-Microbial Technology Developed For Various Appications.