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INTERCEPT Technology™ bags and films offer unrivaled antimicrobial protection, via restraining the development of hazardous microorganisms (subsequently forestalling defilement). Furthermore, atmospheric pollutant gases are neutralized inside the packaging, subsequently expanding the time span of usability of various food products.

Our top recommendations with respect to food packaging are as follows:

Static Intercept®

Corrosion Intercept®


FDA / USDA Polyethylene Films and Bags

FDA / USDA Barrier Packaging

FDA / USDA Laminated Films and Structures

LaminatedFILMS & Packaging Films & Bags

Our packaging solutions can be coordinated with your current bundling measures, for example -- dampness safeguards, oxygen scroungers or modified atmosphere packages used to control conditions - and/or supplant the portions of procedure where it is advanageous to do so - to optimize your packaging process.