LaminatedFILMS & Packaging In Jewelry / Precious Metals

LaminatedFILMS & Packaging, Inc.

Jewelry and precious metals / stones are significant market fragment and an ideal fit for Intercept Technology™ products. Intercept offers protects against discoloring or staining of gems and tarnishing of valuable metals without the utilization of volatiles, oils or coatings and without scratching. Older methods depend on ingestion technologies and the assimilation media can cause surface scratching, particularly on highly polished surfaces.

Intercept Technology™ products are empowered by copper particles reacted into polymers. The copper reacts to -- and permanently neutralizes atmospheric pollutants (corrosive gases), and thusly keeps your valuables perfectly protected and well preserved.

Our recommendations for the jewelry / precious metals markets are as follows:

Corrosion Intercept®: Films / Bags / Coated Fabrics

Intercept: Fabric Pouches / Liners

RIBS MVTR / RIBS Ultra Films / Bags

Intercept Filtration: Filtration Units for Display Cases

SI Strips: Various Standard and Custom Sizes

SI Tabs: Solderability Protection – 1” x 1” SI Tabs

LaminatedFILMS & Packaging Films & Bags

Intercept Technology is the product of choice when it comes to protecting jewelry, coins, artwork, collectibles and precious metals from tarnish, degradation and corrosion. Intercept provides long term protection that is free from volatiles, smell, oil and VOC's -- keeping your product / object safe and pristine while not impacting the environment. Sustainable and environmentally friendly -- Intercept Technology... Simply Better Protection.