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Intercept Technology™ surpasses both common and uncommon challenges inherent with packaging procedures that are routine with most consumer merchandise categories, including, but not limited to -- hardware / equipment, household, electronics, office products sporting goods, outdoor supplies, health and wellbeing products -- and many more.

Intercept is prevalent as a packaging option, and is notably one of the most striking advancements in consumer markets, as it successfully safeguards and protects consumer and retail products. In doing so, it simultaneously ensures maximized product cycles, variable environment factors, and cost efficient packaging.

Our reactive barrier packaging of shopper retail stock goes beyond assembling and typical packaging design. Beside situating worldwide merchandisers to effectively deliver packaging which empowers client association with your particular items - we are knowledgeable with the consistently changing difficulties relative to quality delivery, successful distribution, and competitive mass marketing. Our idealized cycle for continuous improvement translates to a commitment to leadership in the design of manufacturing materials.

Our primary recommendations for the consumer goods industry include:

Static Intercept® Films / Bags / Totes / Trays

RIBS MVTR / RIBS Ultra Films / Bags

AT Technology Clear Anti-Static (A/S) Films / Bags

ATCI AT Technology with Corrosion Intercept®

LaminatedFILMS & Packaging Films & Bags

As we are leaders in our field, keeping up to date with continually developing advancements directly related to mass retailers and natural variables - we are favorably postured to offer you a solid organization with which to have a commanding position over your competition.