LaminatedFILMS & Packaging In Medical & Pharmaceutical

LaminatedFILMS & Packaging, Inc.

As an integrated manufacturer of anti-static packaging materials, our products offer strict adherence to greater purity standards than plastics generally used for health related packaging -- and do not contain dyes or recycled plastics which have been deemed harmful to humans.

In delivering the utmost quality to meet the most demanding standards, our product offerings specifically designed for the health, medical, dental, and pharmaceutical industries include:

FDA / USDA Polyethylene Films and Bags

FDA / USDA Barrier Packaging

FDA / USDA Laminated films and structures

With reference to these highly specialized industries -- we offer Federal Drug Administration (FDA) and United States Dearptment of Agriculture (USDA) approved materials for the production of an unlimited vareity of unique packaging products. A variety of approved materials are combined to provide protection for pills / capsules, creams / ointments, powders, pastes, liquids and various other substances.