LaminatedFILMS & Packaging In Energy

LaminatedFILMS & Packaging, Inc.

Our packaging solutions exceed industry expectations and offer perfect protection for most mainstream energy technologies -- including but not limited to solar energy, wind power, hydroelectric energy, biomass, hydrogen and fuel cells, geothermal power, and otherwise. We offer a vast array of packaging which protects renewable energy assets -- from wafers, solar panels, inverters, photovoltaic cells and modules, wind / water powered turbines, and more.

Our leading solutions for the energy industry, at current -- include the following:

Static Intercept® Films / Shrink Films / Wraps / Totes / Bins

Intercept™ Technology Films / Bags


LaminatedFILMS & Packaging Films & Bags

INTERCEPT™ Technology has proven useful over the years in most all energy applications, and is highly flexible (yet uniquely suited) to protect heavier assets while shielding the most sensitive equipment.