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Logistics and storage of highly sensitive electronic components requires comprehensive and secure protection. Electrostatic charges, and the resulting discharges are harmful for electronic components and assemblies.

Some electronic components are destroyed and equate to a complete loss when transported in only a plastic bag. ESD-sensitive components, which are not supplied in a professional package, are not fail-safe even if they work initially.

An innovative solution to this common ocurrence is Intercept Technology. Intercept Techhnology has developed products that guarantee corrosion protection as well as ESD protection.

Static Intercept® Films / Bags / Totes / Trays

RIBS™ MVTR / RIBS Ultra Films / Bags

AT Technology Clear Anti-Static (A/S) Films / Bags

ATCI AT Technology with Corrosion Intercept®

LaminatedFILMS & Packaging Films & Bags

LaminatedFILMS & Packaging Films & Bags

Specifically speaking, the RIBS™ MVTR product line protects the most sensitive electronic components and assemblies by combining four technologies into one product: Permanent electrostatic discharge protection (ESD and EMI-Guard), a water vapor barrier for moisture protection as well as the ability to absorb organic ions by activated carbon and neutralization of corrosive, free-roaming inorganic ions through an active binding to the polymerized copper particles. R.I.B.S.™ MVTR ULTRA offers stronger EMI protection as well as a stronger barrier against water vapor, for storage periods in excess of more than 5 years.