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Mil-Spec Packaging

LaminatedFILMS has been supplying Mil-Spec (U.S. military specification) materials and bags to the industrial market for 40 years. These materials can also be used in protective covers. With our inventory and experience, we make working with strict packaging and materials requirements easy.



Tubing is especially cost-effective for customers that need to accommodate different-size products with varying lengths of materials. LaminatedFILMS manufactures tubing on 3-inch cores from all of our materials selections.


Peel Pouches

LaminatedFILMS manufactures a variety of peel pouches. Configurations include chevron peel, corner peel and “C” pouches. DuPont Tyvek® sealed to a variety of different films is used to provide superior protection for packaged medical devices and supplies, which are then processed with leading sterilization technologies. Peel pouches can be made from paper, film and foils, offering many different types of product protection.


Flat Bags

We work with with you to identify the best material that meets the protection your product requires. If your product is affected by moisture, we can select from among many foil laminations, including white or silver structures, to provide the maximum puncture resistance. We make our own tooling, which allows us to manufacture any configuration, including single or multiple compartments. Custom options include zipper closures and side or bottom gussets if bag profile is required.



Rollstock, for sealing into packages on automatic pouch-making machines (form/fill/seal applications), is available in paper, film, metalized film and foil laminations. Rolls can be further converted by LaminatedFILMS into printed, perforated or coated rollstock. Any material can be further converted to a customer’s individual specifications.


Zipper Bags

LaminatedFILMS has the capability to produce bags with zipper closures in either a tamper-evident configuration or simply a reusable bag. Zippers can be added to flat bags or bottom gusset bags.


Gusset Bags

If a product has a large profile which doesn’t fit well into a flat bag, LaminatedFILMS can supply both side and bottom gusset bags. A zipper may be added to bottom gusset bags for reuse.



LaminatedFILMS has a history of excellence serving the two-part epoxy industry. Our diverse stock of chemical-resistant and user-friendly materials meet the needs of a wide variety of applications.



Any material supplied by LaminatedFILMS can be made into sheets.


Protective Covers

If you have an unconventional product that requires a custom-fit package, take advantage of our 40 years of experience in creating covers in a vast array of shapes and sizes – from covers for small machines to covers for huge pieces of equipment. Our materials provide corrosion, dirt and even cushioning protection. By using Clean Air CI, Clean Air SI polyethylene or one of our many foil structures, we can help you get your product safely to its destination.


Liners & Blankets

Hand-made liners and blankets are available using any of the variety materials LamiantedFILMS supplies. [To ine – looks like a typo here!] a shipping crate with a barrier film or create a blanket of material as a base sheet, LamiantedFILMS can supply the product you need. Do you only need a small volume batch produced? Do your products require custom-shaped or -sized solutions? We have the experience and capabilities to manufacture the highest-quality package your product deserves.


Cushion Bags

LaminatedFILMS is one of the original manufacturers of reusable, static-controlled cushion bags. Using some of our diverse anti-static polyethylene materials, including AT film and Static Intercept along with cushioning materials such as anti-static bubble or foam, we can manufacture a cushion bag that is right for your needs. We work with you to create bags custom-built for your products.

Our QUALITY Guarantee

In all aspects of our packaging we use our ISO certified organization to ensure that we supply you with a solution that will meet your requirements, every time.